3rd. Bilogora Chestnut Festival

3rd. Bilogora Chestnut Festival – A gastro weekend for all chestnut delight lovers

Check out why Vila Bilogora is an inevitable destination this October as well?

Prepare yourself for the weekend of surprises!

The Villa Bilogora Estate in Mala Dapčevica in Bjelovar-Bilogora County on 06 and 07 October organizes the 3rd Bilogora Chestnut Event, which will attract many chestnut lovers this year.

Juniper chunks with chestnuts, barbecued on charcoal sauce with chestnut sauces are just some of the gourmet delicacies that awaits you.

The creative workshops for children will be held on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 12am and from 2pm to 4pm.
Children’s workshops do not require registration. Everybody who is interested can participate.

On Sunday there is an organized workshop for adults from 12am to 1pm. Learn how to make a gift from a natural flower bouquet. Find out everything from flower preparation itself to making flowers, ornaments, to stacking, bindings, and wrapping techniques. A bouquet made on this workshop goes to the participants.

The workshop leader is Snježana Horak, owner of the Flower Snack Decoration”Snježana”.

The workshop price is 100,00 kn.

Applications will last until 04.10.2018.

You can apply by email: info@vilabilogore.com

On Sunday and Saturday, at 1pm take a walk through the Vilins Street, accompanied by a tourist animator, and learn about Bilogora’s mythological beings.

A perfect way to hang out, spend a wonderful two days with your family and recharge your batteries with smells and flavors of roasted chestnut, which will be free for all visitors thanks to the Tourist Village of Grubišno Polje.

For active vacationers on Saturday, at 9am from Virovitica, MTB bikes will be launched for those courageous who will drive a mountain ride and recreation can ride along the road together with the family to the Vila Bilogora estate.

You can find out more about bicycles on the portal for promoting cyclotourism “Nippy adventures”.

For a good entertainment on Saturdays from 4pm you will enjoy the tambura band “Gelipteri”.

Join us this year at the most entertaining autumn weekend on 3rd Bilogora Chestnut festival.

See you!!!