Green goods of Bilogora

Green goods of Bilogora is a unique cyclo-gastronomic event on the family estate Villa Bilogore in Little Dapčevica designed for lovers of cycling, healthy food and nature.

Located in the forest, two kilometers from the main road Grubišno Polje / Virovitica, Villa Bilogore offers unique peace and rest from everyday city bustle and stress.

Healthy food

Start your day at Villa Bilogore with a tasting of local products from local family farms. For example, preparing a traditional beef stew with homemade noodles, which will be able to taste all visitors.

Green goods Bilogore will present you OPG Jareš – cheese producers from Dežanovac, OPG Gorza with raspberry wine from Bjelovar, OPG Balja from Garešnice with bee products and products Roma ethno-houses from the Great Trinity.


Villa Bilogore is the starting and end point of 44 kilometers long cycling routes hills of Bilogora. The trail connects the Virovitica-Podravina and Bjelovar-Bilogora County, almost throughout, you can expect a gravel drive and gradients.

For cycling will participate cyclists from cycling association from Bjelovar, Virovitica, Daruvar, Garešnica and Pakrac. The track is demanding, and for those coming from the direction of Virovitica common departure is organized in front of the Zagreb bank, starting at 8 am.

Back is designed to 13 hours when the farm for all participants cycling be served beef stew with homemade noodles. The registration fee for the bike tour which will be organized on the estate Villa Bilogore is 60 kuna.

Elfin road and educational workshop for children

During cycling primary school children will be introduced Elfin way in which children will learn more about the flora and fauna Bilogora forests. Professional guides will tell them interesting historical stories of this region, and stroll through the very fairy detail will show them the most interesting of natural resources Bilogore. The estate Villa Bilogore is located in the pristine forests and stretches to 15 hectares.

Sam walks through the fairy will last 50 minutes.

After walking through an Elfin road children will be able to participate in educational and creative art workshop “A colorful plate of Health” where they will have the opportunity to taste the meals to be prepared there. Workshop leader is Nicolas Mihic, a professor of art education and also a member of the Association to promote the quality of life Move from Virovitica.

Sports activites

For lovers of active tourism in the courtyard, Villa Bilogore organized the participation of interested guests in archery and riding, where tourist guides which will allow guests to try horse riding.

For the little ones there is a large playground with swings, seesaw and sandbox.

Green goods of Bilogora

8:00 – meeting of cyclists in the center of Virovitica at Zagrebacka bank

8.30 – departure to ride the Little Dapčevica the property Villa Bilogore (18 km)

09.30 – Bilogorski breakfast

11.00 – departure to the mountain bike ride hills Bilogore (44 km)

11.30 – Elfin time – educational forest walks

13.00 – A colorful plate of Health – educational and creative workshop

14.00 – Lunch

15.00 – leisure activities

At the ends of the east Bilogore lies one of the most beautiful family estate – Villa Bilogore. Villa Bilogore is located in the forest, two kilometers from the main road Grubišno Polje / Virovitica. To our guests primarily because of its location and the stunning nature that surrounds it offers privacy and views of endless greenery that surrounds the entire property. Bjelovar-Bilogora since 2016 and member European destinations of excellence – the largest association of sustainable tourism in Europe, and the house Bilogore proud to be a four-star granted by the Ministry of Tourism.

Family house Rekić already has five generations of the family, and since 2016, open to guests under the name Villa Bilogore. Guests who in increasing numbers come to visit the house and garden have nothing but praise. Eight years last renovation of the house, and today offers a room with three beds, space for various events and a unique blend of nature and architecture. The menu offers delicious dishes of local OPG’s, prepared according to traditional recipes Bilogorski end.

Part of the forest in which they developed villages of Great and Small Dapčevica characterized by a huge oak tree. How is the old Slavic oak shows dub, this part of the forest and the stream below it was named Dubčevica. Forest clearing works were created in the villages of Great and Small Dubčevica which was later renamed in his speech in the Large and Small Dapčevica. With oak in the woods today can find trees hornbeam, beech, poplar and birch, as well as many birds.