Hotel Kurija Janković and VIlla Bilogore

Spring is the perfect time to charge the battery.

We have a suggestion for you to spend a perfect weekend!

Book your calendar 14th and 15th of April!

At the beautiful property of Villa Bilogora, we have prepared a lot of activities for nature lovers and active vacationers, and we have arranged a special price list for all event visitors to make our weekend this weekend truly enchantingly rounded.

A balloon flight over Bilogora, a bicycle ride that moves from the center of Virovitica to the estate, a tournament in mountain football, a creative workshop, a chocolate workshop, a magic walks on wild roads, homemade food and an excellent atmosphere – is there a better call?

P.S. For those who dive on bicycle ride, Kurija Janković has secured bicycles! More about Green Treasures of Bilogora at

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