New – A balloon flight over Bilogora!

How does Bilogora look out of the air?

Just for the bravest ones with no lack of creativity and sense of adventure!

A balloon flight! Why not? You can feel this unforgettable experience on the 14th and 15th of April in the cyclo-gastro manifestation of the Green Treasures of Bilogora organized by the family farm Vila Bilogora from Male Dapčevice.

There is no fear when it is known that in the balloon is Marija Petrić Miklosšić, an experienced representative in flying balloons from Zagreb’s Balloon Club. In the tradition of over 30 years, this club has been trained by world-renowned pilots whose safety is a priority.

Experience the beauty of Bilogora from a whole new perspective with a glass of champagne and balloon baptism.

Every new flyer becomes a member of the club and is the owner of a certificate confirming that he has entered the magic world of the aeronaut.

Before the flight you fill-in the club membership card and all members of the club and balloons are insured.

Even though you are in the air for about an hour, a flyer association lasts for three to four hours. The price per person is 1.250 kuna, and the balloon basket can have a maximum of five persons.

When signing up you need to pay up to 300 kuna in advance, and the rest in advance, once the balloon club Zagreb confirms your flight (up to three days before the flight – April 12). If the day is not tedious for the weather, the flight will switch to the first leisurely day. Let yourself in freedom and enjoyment and book your flight time at or call 099 660 8113.